Property for Sale and to Rent in Swindon

There are fewer places in the United Kingdom that give you a better deal when purchasing homes than you get when purchasing property for sale. In 2002 a company was founded with the aim of regenerating the town centre, focussing on the following areas:

  • Union Square.
  • North Star Village.
  • The Hub.
  • Central.
  • The Promenade.
  • The Campus.
  • The Public Realm.

By 2008 thanks to this scheme and a number of other factors the Times newspaper named the town amongst the top 20 places to buy in the country. So what makes the area’s housing market so appealing for residents?

Why is Property for Sale and to rent in Swindon so Popular?

According to a study in 2007 only Warrington had a lower ratio of house prices to average income, with the average household income in the area being amongst the highest in the country. This means that compared with annual income, property for sale is available at outstanding value and this helps to explain the thriving nature of the local housing market. Don’t feel left out if you are not in the market to buy however, as this value is also reflected by rental property, and you can find an excellent abode with a surprisingly low monthly rent by putting some work into the search. When people are looking to find a property in Swindon it is now much quicker and easier thanks to This website is dedicated to helping people to become new home owners or to find cheap property to rent and elsewhere, with far less stress than was ever possible before. This has been achieved through the site collecting together a huge database of houses, flats and apartments which anyone can access and filter to find their own perfect abode in a matter of just minutes.